240Z: Sound deadening and wheels removed

Finally got some work at the chassis done.
1) Removed all the sound deadening and tar mats. this is what the car looked before:
P1090999 - Kopie

what i removed:P1100003 - Kopie

and  how it looks now. You can see the common rust-spots in the floor mats and at the battery area in the firewall:P1100005 - Kopie

Also got the wheels removed and did a lot of small stuff. Also cleaning up the mess in my garage, so hopefully i’ll go to the garage more often now again :P P1100008 - Kopie

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One Response to 240Z: Sound deadening and wheels removed

  1. Julian Zed says:

    Looking good my friend….looking damn good. I hope you have a warm garage over the cold winter so we can see more progress. Keep it UP !!!!

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